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Acrobat Performer

Spotlight on the Performers

Unforgettable live shows featuring musicians, magicians, and celebrities.  A seamless fusion of mind-bending acts and storytelling.

Penn & Teller

"The greatest mentalist act in the world!"


Project Alpha

Join Banachek in 'Project Alpha: A Story of the Mind' for an astounding exploration into the extraordinary power of the human brain. From his groundbreaking role in the U.S. government's Project Alpha study to showcasing mind-bending talents in a live show, Banachek challenges reality itself. 

Rich Manley

Diary of Magic

Journey across all seven continents on a global expedition of mystery and magic with 'Diary of Magic.' Adventure-illusionist Rich Manley, drawing inspiration from his grandfather's legendary journal, presents over 20 unexplainable effects. Through immersive storytelling and cutting-edge technology, Rich shares captivating stories and video footage of the magic he encountered during his worldwide travels. 


Krystyn Lambert


Interweaving mentalism, magic, and the supernatural, Krystyn, a magician by trade and a witch by blood, conjures an experience that defies explanation. Delving into her ancestral witchcraft lineage, Krystyn unveils her family's captivating past in a deeply personal and spellbinding exploration. Featuring predictions, tarot cards, voodoo dolls, and her mastery in channeling spirits, her show is an immersive journey into the unknown. 

Chris Cox

Love Potions

Experience the incredible Chris Cox, celebrated for global TV appearances and starring in The Illusionists. In 'Love Potions,' he explores love's history with mind-reading and humor, leaving audiences astounded. With sold-out UK tours and a unique record performing at the West End, Broadway, and Sydney Opera House, Chris elevates his talent further, delving into the mysteries of the heart and mind.


New York Times

"A hyperactive Harry Potter who knows what you're thinking"
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