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The Artists


In “Project Alpha: A Story of the Mind” Banachek takes his five known senses to create the illusion of a sixth as he retells the story of his participation in a legendary experiment while sharing unexplainable feats of the mind. At age 18, he was the subject of a U.S. government study called, Project Alpha. After two years of testing, a team of scientists concluded that he was truly psychic and telekinetic.  He has appeared as an expert on countless TV programs and has been enlisted by performers like Criss Angel, David Blaine, Lance Burton and Penn & Teller.


Krystyn Lambert

In “Season of the Witch”, Krystyn Lambert blurs the line between reality and mysticism as she creatively intertwines mentalism, magic, and supernatural phenomenon. A descendant of a witch who was burned at the stake, her show is the telling of her family story of witchcraft culminating in a one-of-a-kind stunt leaving the audience asking, “is it magic, hypnotic trance, or witchcraft?”


Joseh Himenez

Sure to be the talk at the water cooler, "Joseh's Miracles" focuses the stories and miracles found in the bible.  He claims his sleight of hand was influenced by the hand of god. The youngest of 8 brothers, son of a farmer and seamstress, he learned magic to entertain his family.  Influenced by his Sunday school as a kid, his show focusses on the stories of youth and religion.   


Chris Cox 

Chris Cox knows what you’re thinking.  With a plethora of global tv appearances and a starring role in the world’s biggest touring magic show, The Illusionists, Chris now astonishes audiences as he addresses the history of love and relationships. In “Love Potions” Cox gets in your head as he seemingly reads your every thought.  Cox’ comical approach to mind-reading makes it easy to understand why he has sold out UK tours  and is the only mind reader in history to have played the West End, Broadway and Sydney Opera House.


Rich Manley

“Diary of Magic” is an example of storytelling and illusion at its best! Intrigued by legendary stories of culture and magic left behind in his grandfather’s journal, “Adventure-illusionist” Rich Manley has been on a global expedition learning and mastering never before-seen illusions. In this technological cutting-edge performance, Manley shares his travel experiences. With more than 20 unexplainable effects, The Diary of Magic is reminiscent of folklore stories mixed with factual eye-witness accounts and illusion.


Akari Sanko

Former con-man turned millionaire mentalist who shares tricks of the trade as he mixes magic, mentalism, and other tools of deception in "Money, Magic, and Manipulation".  In this lighthearted, funny, and sometimes tragic story Akari shares his rise, fall and rise again in his past life of high steaks gambling, womanizing, boozing and travel. 

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